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Unique collaborations celebrating our natural resources 

We are rich.

Pur Vodka Série Autographe is a series of ultra premium flavoured vodkas made with 100% local unique ingredients, who deserve to be put on a podium for an ultra limited batch. Pur Vodka Série Autographe celebrates our generous natural ressources of exceptional quality. These unexpected collaborations, a unique expression of the richness of our nature, will be launched each year in December.

Inspired by unique entrepreneurial stories

Two entrepreneurs. Two stories. Two teams. A product that changes our perspective. 

An entrepreneur at heart, Nicolas Duvernois developed Pur Vodka while working as a janitor at Sainte Justine hospital in Montreal. At 38, he’s internationally renowned as the producer of one of the world’s best vodkas, as well as for his implications in the support and promotion of entrepreneurship.

Michel Jodoin represents the 4th generation of apple growers in the Jodoin family, established in Rougemont since 1901! Learning cider making from his father and his grandfather, he was the first to obtain, in 1999, a micro distillery permit in Canada and is, as of today, the most important producer of Geneva® apple in Canada.

The flavoured vodka revolution

For the first edition of Série Autographe, we decided to collaborate with Michel Jodoin, a true international pioneer of cider marking. Featured in several products, the Geneva® red fleshed apple is a truly distinctive variety. With a vibrant and fresh taste and just a hint of bitterness, it is the flagship of the Jodoin distillery. However, its unique character is proper and unique, and the main objective of Pur Vodka Série Autographe is to raise awareness of this true gem, of which the Quebec is the main producer. 

Ice cider craft inspired the creation process. A natural concentration (cryoconcentration) of 2018 harvest 0f Geneva® apple is assembled with Pur Vodka, and briefly aged in stainless steel vats.

A tasting vodka

Pur Vodka Série Autographe is created with 100% high end Canadian Ingredients. It shines in cocktails, but was first and foremost created to be enjoyed on the rocks, or as is. It is a perfect balance of intensity and elegance, tanginess and a slightly sweet notes. Surprisingly light tannins complete the tasting experience, leaving a long, pleasant finish.