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Pur Vodka embodies a unique entrepreneurial adventure. The impressive story of Pur Vodka inspires an entire generation to feel, live and savour success every day.

For the fourth edition of its Autographe Series, Pur Vodka joins forces with award-winning winery Domaine Queylus, to once again celebrate Canada’s richness, this time with a vodka flavored with Pinot Noir grapes from the Niagara Peninsula. An ultra-limited edition of 4,000 bottles.


Pur Vodka is honored to partner with renowned winery Domaine Queylus and showcase what is at the source of its award-winning wines, Pinot Noir grapes from their Mountainview Vineyard in Ontario's Niagara Peninsula.

Domaine Queylus, whose history began in 2010, is now recognized as one of Canada’s finest wineries. Founded by, among others, iconic Quebec wine figures Thomas Bachelder and Champlain Charest, Queylus is now led by Montreal-born superstar winemaker Kelly Mason. The impressive track record of Domaine Queylus, combined with the one of Pur Vodka, marked by the entrepreneurial audacity of its creator Nicolas Duvernois, makes for a most inspiring collaboration.

Born in 2009 from a unique entrepreneurial story, Pur Vodka has won over 80 prestigious awards in various international competitions, including six times the title of best vodka in the world. Made with 100% premium Canadian ingredients, it is the subtle blend of carefully selected corn and glacial spring water that gives it its exceptional quality. This same quality is also found in its Autographe Serie , a line of flavored vodkas that honors Canadian rich resources.


The careful blending of Pur Vodka and the Niagara Peninsula Pinot Noir grapes was orchestrated with great care by Stephane Rochefort, Executive Vice President of Duvernois Creative Spirits (Pur Vodka) and winemaker Kelly Mason of Domaine Queylus. The result of a complex and innovative manufacturing process consisting of multiple steps to combine raw cryo-concentrated must as well as wine lees with the vodka, is stunning. The attack is rich, soft and supple, slightly caramelized and fruity. The middle is packed with freshness and brioche notes, supported by moderate acidity and light tannins. The finish is long, fruit-forward, opening on subtle vegetal notes. A naturally flavored vodka whose mission is to provide a unique experience, the moment of a single bottle, through an ultra-limited release. It can be enjoyed as is, on ice or with tonic or soda.

About Pur Vodka Autographe

“Pur Vodka Autographe is more than just a flavored vodka. It’s a flavored vodka with a story. It’s the passionate artisans, the local richness and the stories that we want to highlight with this series,” says Nicolas Duvernois, CEO of Duvernois Creative Spirits. For the first edition, launched in 2018, Duvernois and his team partnered with Quebec cider pioneer Michel Jodoin to create a vodka flavored with Geneva apple, a distinctive red-fleshed variety. The following year, in 2019, the 02 edition of Pur Vodka Autographe featured urban honey harvested from the rooftops of the Fairmont Le Château Frontenac, as well as Quebec saffron, hand-grown by artisan Micheline Sylvestre in the Lanaudière region. The third edition, launched in 2020, was flavored with wild blueberries from Lac-Saint-Jean (Nutrableu) and yuzu from Quebec (O’Citrus).