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Pur Vodka embodies a unique entrepreneurial adventure. The impressive story of Pur Vodka inspires an entire generation to feel, live and savour success every day.

More Pur than Ever : the ambassadors

More Pur than ever. This brand realignment campaign, curated by lg2, announces a major step in the international expansion of the world’s most awarded Canadian vodka. The rebranding was also featured in Strategy Online. To celebrate the new brand image, we sent the first bottles ever made to over 200 ambassadors of an exceptional Canadian entrepreneurial culture.

We sent the first bottles featuring the new image to influencers from Quebec and Canada. We chose Canadian ambassadors that excel in the cultural, musical, sports or entrepreneurial field. Moreover, they represent the philosophy and the values of Pur : audacity, determination, and the quality of their hard work in their field.

More than a simple vodka, Pur Vodka has become an icon of a generation. A generation for which success is more than a purpose, more than a delimited point to pursue. A generation for which success is lived, felt and savored within the path towards the final destination of its highest ambitions.

pur vodka purvodka is world's most awarded Canadian vodka with an incredible entrepreneur story
Pur Vodka is one of the world's most awarded vodkas with over 70 medals
Pur Vodka Ultra Premium has a timeless and elegant packaging that reflects its unique story
Pur Vodka is an internationally acclaimed vodka, born out of a unique startup story in Quebec, Canada

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