The sea provides delights that can be enjoyed in their natural state, offering up an explosion of fresh and salty flavours. Add PUR Vodka, and you have the makings of a party. Enjoy PUR with caviar, oysters, raw or smoked fish, or any other type of seafood, enhanced by notes of lemon, dill or chervil.

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Cocktail 16

Le Voyage

Embark on an adventure of surprisingly fresh flavours. Le Voyage intrigues with its spicy notes of hot pepper, enhanced by a burst of lime and lemongrass.

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Cocktail 17


A mix of the crisp, unexpected flavours of basil and lemon is a refreshing take on the legendary Mojito.

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When the wild flavours of game, root vegetables and mushrooms come together, they create the most delectable of feasts. PUR Vodka’s fresh, herbal notes are the ideal accompaniment to these earthy delights, either on the rocks or in a cocktail. You will wonder why vodka hasn’t always accompanied your meals…

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Cocktail 19


As a streamlined version of the Bloody Mary, the Minimalist Mary adds class and distinction to the classic cocktail, using cherry tomatoes steeped in PUR and a touch of spicy and salty seasonings.

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Cocktail 20

High line

A burst of freshness infused with bold spices, this cocktail features wheat beer with lime and Espelette pepper accents.

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Keep the party going by pairing PUR Vodka with dessert. With their fresh, crisp and delicate taste, our cocktails add class to any type of dessert - sweet, creamy or tart. A great way to make the evening last!

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Cocktail 22


This evolving cocktail allows you to discover flavours that become more intense as the citrus zest-flavoured ice cubes melt.

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Cocktail 23

La brume

This mild blend of orange zest and pear flavours will tantalize your palate.

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